Living a life without the influence of fear 

Let’s be honest, fear is a very common reality in our lives. We let our emotions to dwell in fear whenever something becomes out of reach, or when we feel we are not in control of something or someone. If we forget our keys, we immediately allow fear to creep into our hearts and think “omg! Did I loose them?” Images of all kinds of scenarios will run into our minds until, we find the dreaded keys that decided to hide in the pocket we never use. We can replay this scenario throughout the day many, many times and in many situations. 

Our society has changed the word “fear” in many instances to “stress”. We allow fear or stress to be a cushion for our emotions. We let it be the cup that holds our coffee. 
What if I told you, that as God’s children we must be intentional on resisting fear inside our hearts? That God wants us to not be afraid of anything? God has a way for us to handle the darts of fear and stress that attack us every day.
Jesus, our perfect example, was never swayed by fear. He did not permit fear to be the standing ground for anything that he did. Not even when he was a child. 

At 12 years old, he traveled to Jerusalem with his parents and headed to the synagogue to learn from the elders. In the process, he is “lost” by his parents for 3 days. When they ultimately find him at the temple, he is very clear to his mother, who is frantic (I would have been a hot mess) about loosing “the son of God” and demands an explanation from him. He replies to her, “mother, Didn’t you know I will be about my Father’s business”. He knew what he had to do, and he wasn’t afraid, not even at that young age.  
So let’s think about what are the places that fear creeps in and how to stop it. 
Fear will immediately show you the worse case scenario. It’s task is to render you hopeless. Expectation is a fruit of faith, so if you allow expectation to grow to counter the fear of being hopeless, you are allowing faith to grow in your heart, thus dissipating what fear could have caused inside of you. 
Fear has no place in your heart when you are secure in your actions. Even though we might not know where our solution comes from, we know that “all things work for good for those that love Him”. Regardless of the outcome, this is where we grow in faith! We KNOW wholeheartedly that God is acting in our favor! Fear is easier to ignore when you have a way out.
The most important part is to be intentional and recognize when fear is at work! Catch it, recognize it, and reject it. 
The enemy recognizes that if he keeps you looking at the fear, you will not grow in faith. Fear is the number one thief of the goodness of God. Not because the goodness of God is not there, working for us, but because we can’t see it! Sometimes we are so afraid of what might happen that we are not willing to consider steps to move into the promises that God has for us! And that’s what the enemy attempts to do through our whole lives, confuse us with fear, letting us assume that “stress” is actually part of who we are, but it’s not! Fear and stress are not yours, and they MUST BE DEFEATED! 
To live a life without the influence of fear is a hard task, but not impossible. It’s an exercise that we can take on,every day, on the smallest of things. That way, when the bigger ones come, you my friend, will be ready to allow the fruit of hope and expectation to do it’s job in your heart. If you feel overwhelmed today, ask God to give you bravery, to open your heart and mind to His thoughts, and to remind you when you have to reject what’s in front of you. Don’t worry, God is on your side. And if He is with you, who can be against you? 


My worth is not dependent on the amount of friends I have.
My worth is not dependent on the eloquence of my words.
Or how many people think I’m smart and funny.
My worth is not dependent on my successes or failures, nor any public or private achievements.
My worth is valued on the life of One Man.
He, who gave it all for me, is all the worth I ever want and ever need.
He, who did not stop at anything to pay the price I could never pay.
He is my worth.
He is my standard.
He is my beginning and end.
With Him, there’s All. Without Him, Nothing.
If I find my worth in Him, and He gave His life to give you worth, how I can not value you?
Your worth in my eyes is not dependent In the amount of friends you have.
Your worth in my eyes is not dependent on the eloquence of your words.
Or how many people think you are smart and funny.
Your worth in my eyes is not dependent on your successes or failures, nor any public or private achievements.
Your worth in my eyes is valued on the life of one man.
He, who did not stop at anything to pay the price You could never pay.
He is your worth.
He is your standard.
He is your beginning and end.
With Him, there’s All. Without Him, Nothing

Freedom from Fear

The disciples were petrified through the storm. Everything around them was saying that they were going to die. They did have one “small” advantage against the winds and the waves though. Jesus was on the boat.
Right after Jesus puts the storm in its place, he asks this question to the disciples, “why are you fearful? Have you lost faith in me?”
When we lose faith, the automatic response from our hearts is FEAR. 
But how do we beat fear? Can we have advantage against fear? 
Let’s bring our attention to what happened just after Jesus took the disciples from one side to the other and brought this storm. They are brought face to face with 3 completely different types of fear, and 3 completely different outcomes. 
The first one is the meeting with the man with 1000 demons. The word of God says that after Jesus sets him free, the people in his town were afraid. They ask Jesus to leave, they’re scared of what other stuff can “come out” in their land. 
Fear will keep you seeing the freedom we can have in Jesus.
The second happens right after this encounter, as they head back home. The woman with the 18 year sickness finds a means to touch Jesus and be healed. Jesus feels the surge of power come out of him, and asks “who touched me?” Full of fear, she says it was her.
To step out of your fear out of obedience to the call of Jesus, will bring you peace and healing.
The third comes as Jesus utters these words to the woman. Friends of Jairus, tell Jesus not to bother coming to see his daughter, because she just died. Jesus says to Jairus directly:


 “Jairus, don’t YIELD to your FEAR, have FAITH in me, and she will live again”
Fear wants you to surrender to it, because the only way fear wins, is IF YOU GIVE UP AND GIVE IT AUTHORITY. 
His response to Jairus is completely backwards from the response to the disciples when they came out of the storm. 
Counteract fear with faith. 
The definition of “yield” is: surrender, admit defeat, back down, give in, give up the struggle, show the white flag. 
Don’t surrender

Don’t admit defeat

Don’t back down 

Don’t give in

Don’t give up the struggle 

Don’t show the white flag
The opposite of Yield is RESIST.

Something very powerful happens when we allow fear to grip our hearts. It takes away our desire to hope, to dream, to believe in the impossible. It was not an automatic response from the disciples to know that he had authority over the storm. But they needed to live through it so they could KNOW. 
Storms bring out the authority of Jesus into your life. 

Fear wants to steal your breakthrough or delay your breakthrough. 

When we don’t YIELD to fear, our faith will grow. 

Hebrews 11:1 says “now faith brings our hopes into reality and becomes the foundation needed to acquire the things we long for. It’s the evidence required to prove what is still unseen”. What other things does God have in store for your life that you haven’t seen yet!!! Do you believe Him? Don’t YIELD to Fear! RESIST! 

The Good Samaritan 

Not many passed by the road where he was abandoned.It was all a blur, all he was trying to do was get home. 

Thugs had found him during the journey, and not just stolen everything that would have been worth something, they also beat him to a pulp. 

His thoughts were no longer to survive, but just to not breathe any more, and for the pain to end.

Coming in and out of consciousness, he knew he was close death. “Let it just happen quickly”. 

He saw someone heading his way from afar. He tried to signal, but he was in so much pain that it was to hard to move. He then noticed that he was a Jewish priest, and his heart skipped. ” I won’t die here!” He thought to himself. 

But when the man got closer, he noticed his predicament, and he purposefully made his way to the other side of the street.  

Then, after hours, a religious man, a Levite, made his way through the now darkened road. He, also, crossed the road to not deal with him.
Night came, and with it, the despair of knowing that there was no one that was willing to help him.  
Then, a Samaritan man, passed by the same road. 
He didn’t cross the road. 

He kneeled down beside him was moved with tender compassion for him. The man, in his weakened state started to cry. He wondered if it would be better to just die there, the pain was so unbearable that the slightest move caused him agony. His helper, without considering death an option, started to give him first aid. Pouring olive oil on his wounds, disinfecting them with wine, and bandaging them to stop the bleeding. When he felt he had prepared him well, he took him to a room where he can rest and heal. With that not being enough, he advised the innkeeper that whatever the debt of this stranger, he would repay him when he would get back from his trip. 

We don’t know the rest of this story, we don’t even know if it actually happened, but I have a feeling it did. Someone out there helped someone broken to the point of death, in that moment, he did not consider the repayment for his sacrifice, or the law of separation between Jew and Samaritan. He did not consider that the man was naked or that he was going to be late. He did not see the gravity of this man’s wounds as a reason to not help him. 
He just did it.

It is easy to carry a title beside your name, but it is better to have a soft heart, so when compassion knocks on the door, you let it come in and fill you. Jesus said we will be known by the way we love others, something I can say is so needed right now, right this minute. Let your actions not be moved by selfish propaganda but by a heart filled with love and compassion. 

Favor and Grace 

How would your life change if this morning, as you woke up, 2 huge angels stood right beside your bed?

Big, strong, nothing can’t beat me angels. As you wake up they say “Good morning, ( your name)  your Father in heaven has allowed you see us, we are here to make your life easier. My name is Favor and his, is Grace. Whenever you need either one of us, just let us know and we will act upon any and all your requests. Now get up so you can start your day”. 
How would you respond to that and what would you do? How would it shake up your faith? The possibilities are endless right? 
Guess what! Favor and grace ARE right beside you. They will follow you till the very end of days, every single promise that God declared in His word are this tangible in your life. We can sit and stare at the circumstances that raise against us but I want you to be encouraged! Even though you might not see them with your human eyes, they are right there. The only reason favor and grace are not in a physical form around you is because without faith, we can’t please God. Because He LOVES us He wants to build that muscle that is called “faith” inside of your heart! Hebrews 11:1 says “Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see”. He wants you to TRUST in HIS word and KNOW that favor and grace ARE THERE! He wants you to believe that Provision and Healing will follow you around, every day, and are there too and they are God’s promises to us! 
What promise do you want to see today materialize? Which ever one it is, KNOW, that’s all of them are that real. 

When we blindly trust in Him, our faith stretches, and we are able to move on to the next place in our walk with the Lord. I think we have such a hard time sometimes trusting Him In the small stuff. Because small stuff sometimes are not things we pray about. But believing His hand is on the little stuff, day to day things that overwhelm you, make your character grow. Then, when the bigger things come, you are ready. We think He doesn’t care about the little things of life, but He does, care SO MUCH! He loves you unapologetically, and He will always make a way for you so you know His goodness. Today, I want you to be encouraged, so that way when you need any of these, Favor, Grace, Peace, Provision, Healing, Wisdom, think of them as big tall angels, waiting for your command. Even though you don’t see them, do not doubt, they are right there. They are better than angels, they are our inheritance that was bought with Jesus blood. And nothing, can ever take that away from you. 

The case towards individuality 

We are called to stand out, not to fit in.
How many of us have a really hard time with this statement? Ok, let’s try it, close your eyes, and think of yourself in a classroom where 1000 students, all wearing white, and you alone are wearing black. How do you feel? Do you stay? Do you leave?
Standing out is something that many of us don’t want. We are taught by our society that it’s good for everyone to look the same, wear the same style clothes (Fashion), have the same size, do the same things. We live in an era where most of us do not find being a misfit, a good thing.
I think being afraid of individuality steals from the power of creativity in our lives. And being creative is the tool God uses to make us unique. Most of the time, creativity will push you into your destiny. Creativity makes you just like your daddy, the Creator. God created everything that you see around you, and the individuality of His creation is so apparent, that we can look at the details of all the many leaves that trees have, the beautiful details on the flowers. The gorgeous sceneries from one part of the earth to the other. That, my friend, is your Creator.  
Sometimes we doubt that God made us any different than the guy sitting in the other cubicle. I didn’t think He made me much different. I guess, I can say I did feel different but not THAT different. I honestly doubted that there was something special in every person in the world. But, we are all , so different! In every which way form you could ever think. Your fingerprint is your first artwork to this world. You might think you look like someone but even twins have differences. And, Our life process makes us completely different from one another’s. In God’s eyes, you are created with such love and thought, everything about you is different from everyone else. 
I tend to imagine the bible in my head a lot and I can see God taking His time, with the dirt in His hands. I used to imagine God creating a palm-sized man, but these days, I like to think of Him making man in the same size as Him. Watching, forming him to His image, every part of Adam, like the sculptor that He is.  
If you are having a hard time believing that you have been made wonderfully and perfectly different by your Creator, I want you to look no further than 2 guys in the bible that changed the course of the Israel. Moses and David. Moses didn’t think he had it in him to go to pharaoh and make him release God’s people. He told God he couldn’t do it! Send someone else, he said. Yet God patiently built courage inside of him, and Moses did it! He did the task that he had been born to do. And David, full of courage decided to go against Goliath and when the King gave him his armor to protect himself, he realized the armor was not gonna allow him to fight the giant and he goes against the 9 foot guy with the weapon he has used in the field, a slingshot. Guess what, the little shepherd boy kills the giant not a the third or fourth try, but on the FIRST! He fought the giant with the tools he knew and God gave him the giant. If you want to be David you gotta be willing to take on the Goliath. If you want to be Moses, you gotta be willing to stand up again pharaoh.
Do not doubt that God has placed inside of you the tools to overcome any and all obstacles to succeed. No matter how old you are, where you were born, if you went to school or not, God has a special plan for you! You have been created for a time like today! Your possibilities are ENDLESS. 
I love Romans 8:19, “For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed”. What an awesome promise! Why do we have such a hard time believing that THIS promise is for us? Because this society wants to steal your unique ability of being what God has called you to do! If it can steal your belief from uniqueness you will forever be like everyone else. So, my hope today is that you believe in your heart that the dreams that are in your heart are not there because you put them there, but be cause God put them there. So, go get them!
I leave you with one of my favorite verses in scripture, what the angel said to Mary when she described herself as an average girl, 

“Not one promise from God is empty of power, for with God there is no such thing as impossibility” Luke 1:37

The Exit Strategy 

I see it around me all the time. A bride comes in with a big entourage, finds a particular dress that she absolutely loves, comes out of fitting room only to get a motionless response from her group. They don’t like it. Their response questions everything she felt for the dress, and against her own emotions, decides this gown is not the one for her. Has this ever happened to you? 
Today I want to talk to you about discouragement. Discouragement is the killer of hopes and dreams. It will tie you to the things you desperately want to change in your life. It will keep you looking at the circumstance, not at the solution. It will not let you take changes, it will slave you. Discouragement is slavery and it’s contagious!   

Moses was called to lead the nation of Israel out of Egypt. In this horrible time of slavery for them, Israel receives God’s promise of deliverance from a very unlikely source. This man was an introvert, he was hiding outside of the city because he had killed someone, he was afraid of what Pharaoh would do to him if he found him. He was not known for his faith, yet God places him in the right place for him to accomplish this task since childhood. We all know the story of Moses’ mom putting him in a little basket in the river to save him from being killed. After he got over himself (for 5 minutes), Moses delivers the news to the Israelites, 
“.. But they did not listen to him because of their discouragement and hard labor” Exodus 6:12
To hear the discouragement from the people brought back the feelings of inadequacy inside of Moses! He didn’t recognize himself good enough for the job because he wasn’t a fluid speaker. What he didn’t see in himself was that God was preparing him for this job throughout all his life! Who else could have walked in palace and gotten to talk to pharaoh? 
Moses had to go to pharaoh 12 times before he finally allowed the Israelites to leave. 12 TIMES! But guess what, HE LET THEM GO! discouragement is a reminder that breakthrough is at the door!
I want to encourage you today! Do NOT look at the mountain ahead, but look at Him who has promised you out of your darkest hour! Remember, He IS capable! He wants you to take ownership of your victory! The Israelites did not know God had started their exit strategy when Moses was born! So be encouraged that He, who delivered two million Jews out of the hand of pharaoh, He has an exit strategy for YOU! 

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