Presidential elections brings out the politician in all of us. I was the first in line to post about how I felt about the candidates. This year, it has been much harder for me to grasp the intensity of it all for so many reasons. I am sure you all have things to say about this year’s choices. But this post is not about who to vote for or why. It’s about me, about how I am supposed to change my surroundings. What do people really see? Does anyone want to hear my words? Maybe, I think in my realm of work a lot of brides want my opinion, but I can’t make choices for anyone. We all have the opportunity to make our own choices.  As a lover of Jesus, it’s so hard for me not to constantly talk about Him. But I don’t want my words to be the only thing that screams Jesus in my life.  
Your cleansed and grateful life, not your words, will bear witness to what I have done” Matt 8:4
So my point is, regardless of who you vote for and why, always remember that it’s our lives that scream out God’s influence in our lives. That will always shout a lot harder than our Facebook posts.

Jesus said it so clearly that today my prayer is just this. “Father, please let me be an example to others of your love and kindness, let no word out of my mouth hurt anyone or keep anyone away from your kingdom, may my testimony show your goodness and faithfulness as I learn to walk in Your ways”

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