I see it around me all the time. A bride comes in with a big entourage, finds a particular dress that she absolutely loves, comes out of fitting room only to get a motionless response from her group. They don’t like it. Their response questions everything she felt for the dress, and against her own emotions, decides this gown is not the one for her. Has this ever happened to you? 
Today I want to talk to you about discouragement. Discouragement is the killer of hopes and dreams. It will tie you to the things you desperately want to change in your life. It will keep you looking at the circumstance, not at the solution. It will not let you take changes, it will slave you. Discouragement is slavery and it’s contagious!   

Moses was called to lead the nation of Israel out of Egypt. In this horrible time of slavery for them, Israel receives God’s promise of deliverance from a very unlikely source. This man was an introvert, he was hiding outside of the city because he had killed someone, he was afraid of what Pharaoh would do to him if he found him. He was not known for his faith, yet God places him in the right place for him to accomplish this task since childhood. We all know the story of Moses’ mom putting him in a little basket in the river to save him from being killed. After he got over himself (for 5 minutes), Moses delivers the news to the Israelites, 
“.. But they did not listen to him because of their discouragement and hard labor” Exodus 6:12
To hear the discouragement from the people brought back the feelings of inadequacy inside of Moses! He didn’t recognize himself good enough for the job because he wasn’t a fluid speaker. What he didn’t see in himself was that God was preparing him for this job throughout all his life! Who else could have walked in palace and gotten to talk to pharaoh? 
Moses had to go to pharaoh 12 times before he finally allowed the Israelites to leave. 12 TIMES! But guess what, HE LET THEM GO! discouragement is a reminder that breakthrough is at the door!
I want to encourage you today! Do NOT look at the mountain ahead, but look at Him who has promised you out of your darkest hour! Remember, He IS capable! He wants you to take ownership of your victory! The Israelites did not know God had started their exit strategy when Moses was born! So be encouraged that He, who delivered two million Jews out of the hand of pharaoh, He has an exit strategy for YOU! 

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