We are called to stand out, not to fit in.
How many of us have a really hard time with this statement? Ok, let’s try it, close your eyes, and think of yourself in a classroom where 1000 students, all wearing white, and you alone are wearing black. How do you feel? Do you stay? Do you leave?
Standing out is something that many of us don’t want. We are taught by our society that it’s good for everyone to look the same, wear the same style clothes (Fashion), have the same size, do the same things. We live in an era where most of us do not find being a misfit, a good thing.
I think being afraid of individuality steals from the power of creativity in our lives. And being creative is the tool God uses to make us unique. Most of the time, creativity will push you into your destiny. Creativity makes you just like your daddy, the Creator. God created everything that you see around you, and the individuality of His creation is so apparent, that we can look at the details of all the many leaves that trees have, the beautiful details on the flowers. The gorgeous sceneries from one part of the earth to the other. That, my friend, is your Creator.  
Sometimes we doubt that God made us any different than the guy sitting in the other cubicle. I didn’t think He made me much different. I guess, I can say I did feel different but not THAT different. I honestly doubted that there was something special in every person in the world. But, we are all , so different! In every which way form you could ever think. Your fingerprint is your first artwork to this world. You might think you look like someone but even twins have differences. And, Our life process makes us completely different from one another’s. In God’s eyes, you are created with such love and thought, everything about you is different from everyone else. 
I tend to imagine the bible in my head a lot and I can see God taking His time, with the dirt in His hands. I used to imagine God creating a palm-sized man, but these days, I like to think of Him making man in the same size as Him. Watching, forming him to His image, every part of Adam, like the sculptor that He is.  
If you are having a hard time believing that you have been made wonderfully and perfectly different by your Creator, I want you to look no further than 2 guys in the bible that changed the course of the Israel. Moses and David. Moses didn’t think he had it in him to go to pharaoh and make him release God’s people. He told God he couldn’t do it! Send someone else, he said. Yet God patiently built courage inside of him, and Moses did it! He did the task that he had been born to do. And David, full of courage decided to go against Goliath and when the King gave him his armor to protect himself, he realized the armor was not gonna allow him to fight the giant and he goes against the 9 foot guy with the weapon he has used in the field, a slingshot. Guess what, the little shepherd boy kills the giant not a the third or fourth try, but on the FIRST! He fought the giant with the tools he knew and God gave him the giant. If you want to be David you gotta be willing to take on the Goliath. If you want to be Moses, you gotta be willing to stand up again pharaoh.
Do not doubt that God has placed inside of you the tools to overcome any and all obstacles to succeed. No matter how old you are, where you were born, if you went to school or not, God has a special plan for you! You have been created for a time like today! Your possibilities are ENDLESS. 
I love Romans 8:19, “For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed”. What an awesome promise! Why do we have such a hard time believing that THIS promise is for us? Because this society wants to steal your unique ability of being what God has called you to do! If it can steal your belief from uniqueness you will forever be like everyone else. So, my hope today is that you believe in your heart that the dreams that are in your heart are not there because you put them there, but be cause God put them there. So, go get them!
I leave you with one of my favorite verses in scripture, what the angel said to Mary when she described herself as an average girl, 

“Not one promise from God is empty of power, for with God there is no such thing as impossibility” Luke 1:37

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