How would your life change if this morning, as you woke up, 2 huge angels stood right beside your bed?

Big, strong, nothing can’t beat me angels. As you wake up they say “Good morning, ( your name)  your Father in heaven has allowed you see us, we are here to make your life easier. My name is Favor and his, is Grace. Whenever you need either one of us, just let us know and we will act upon any and all your requests. Now get up so you can start your day”. 
How would you respond to that and what would you do? How would it shake up your faith? The possibilities are endless right? 
Guess what! Favor and grace ARE right beside you. They will follow you till the very end of days, every single promise that God declared in His word are this tangible in your life. We can sit and stare at the circumstances that raise against us but I want you to be encouraged! Even though you might not see them with your human eyes, they are right there. The only reason favor and grace are not in a physical form around you is because without faith, we can’t please God. Because He LOVES us He wants to build that muscle that is called “faith” inside of your heart! Hebrews 11:1 says “Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see”. He wants you to TRUST in HIS word and KNOW that favor and grace ARE THERE! He wants you to believe that Provision and Healing will follow you around, every day, and are there too and they are God’s promises to us! 
What promise do you want to see today materialize? Which ever one it is, KNOW, that’s all of them are that real. 

When we blindly trust in Him, our faith stretches, and we are able to move on to the next place in our walk with the Lord. I think we have such a hard time sometimes trusting Him In the small stuff. Because small stuff sometimes are not things we pray about. But believing His hand is on the little stuff, day to day things that overwhelm you, make your character grow. Then, when the bigger things come, you are ready. We think He doesn’t care about the little things of life, but He does, care SO MUCH! He loves you unapologetically, and He will always make a way for you so you know His goodness. Today, I want you to be encouraged, so that way when you need any of these, Favor, Grace, Peace, Provision, Healing, Wisdom, think of them as big tall angels, waiting for your command. Even though you don’t see them, do not doubt, they are right there. They are better than angels, they are our inheritance that was bought with Jesus blood. And nothing, can ever take that away from you. 

2 Comments on “Favor and Grace 

  1. SO SO GOOD.
    Such an encouraging and incredible word!

    Love this!!! “The only reason favor and grace are not in a physical form around you is because without faith, we can’t please God.”


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