Not many passed by the road where he was abandoned.It was all a blur, all he was trying to do was get home. 

Thugs had found him during the journey, and not just stolen everything that would have been worth something, they also beat him to a pulp. 

His thoughts were no longer to survive, but just to not breathe any more, and for the pain to end.

Coming in and out of consciousness, he knew he was close death. “Let it just happen quickly”. 

He saw someone heading his way from afar. He tried to signal, but he was in so much pain that it was to hard to move. He then noticed that he was a Jewish priest, and his heart skipped. ” I won’t die here!” He thought to himself. 

But when the man got closer, he noticed his predicament, and he purposefully made his way to the other side of the street.  

Then, after hours, a religious man, a Levite, made his way through the now darkened road. He, also, crossed the road to not deal with him.
Night came, and with it, the despair of knowing that there was no one that was willing to help him.  
Then, a Samaritan man, passed by the same road. 
He didn’t cross the road. 

He kneeled down beside him was moved with tender compassion for him. The man, in his weakened state started to cry. He wondered if it would be better to just die there, the pain was so unbearable that the slightest move caused him agony. His helper, without considering death an option, started to give him first aid. Pouring olive oil on his wounds, disinfecting them with wine, and bandaging them to stop the bleeding. When he felt he had prepared him well, he took him to a room where he can rest and heal. With that not being enough, he advised the innkeeper that whatever the debt of this stranger, he would repay him when he would get back from his trip. 

We don’t know the rest of this story, we don’t even know if it actually happened, but I have a feeling it did. Someone out there helped someone broken to the point of death, in that moment, he did not consider the repayment for his sacrifice, or the law of separation between Jew and Samaritan. He did not consider that the man was naked or that he was going to be late. He did not see the gravity of this man’s wounds as a reason to not help him. 
He just did it.

It is easy to carry a title beside your name, but it is better to have a soft heart, so when compassion knocks on the door, you let it come in and fill you. Jesus said we will be known by the way we love others, something I can say is so needed right now, right this minute. Let your actions not be moved by selfish propaganda but by a heart filled with love and compassion. 

2 Comments on “The Good Samaritan 

  1. “Let your actions not be moved by selfish propaganda but by a heart filled with love and compassion.”

    Great Post, Macky! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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