The disciples were petrified through the storm. Everything around them was saying that they were going to die. They did have one “small” advantage against the winds and the waves though. Jesus was on the boat.
Right after Jesus puts the storm in its place, he asks this question to the disciples, “why are you fearful? Have you lost faith in me?”
When we lose faith, the automatic response from our hearts is FEAR. 
But how do we beat fear? Can we have advantage against fear? 
Let’s bring our attention to what happened just after Jesus took the disciples from one side to the other and brought this storm. They are brought face to face with 3 completely different types of fear, and 3 completely different outcomes. 
The first one is the meeting with the man with 1000 demons. The word of God says that after Jesus sets him free, the people in his town were afraid. They ask Jesus to leave, they’re scared of what other stuff can “come out” in their land. 
Fear will keep you seeing the freedom we can have in Jesus.
The second happens right after this encounter, as they head back home. The woman with the 18 year sickness finds a means to touch Jesus and be healed. Jesus feels the surge of power come out of him, and asks “who touched me?” Full of fear, she says it was her.
To step out of your fear out of obedience to the call of Jesus, will bring you peace and healing.
The third comes as Jesus utters these words to the woman. Friends of Jairus, tell Jesus not to bother coming to see his daughter, because she just died. Jesus says to Jairus directly:


 “Jairus, don’t YIELD to your FEAR, have FAITH in me, and she will live again”
Fear wants you to surrender to it, because the only way fear wins, is IF YOU GIVE UP AND GIVE IT AUTHORITY. 
His response to Jairus is completely backwards from the response to the disciples when they came out of the storm. 
Counteract fear with faith. 
The definition of “yield” is: surrender, admit defeat, back down, give in, give up the struggle, show the white flag. 
Don’t surrender

Don’t admit defeat

Don’t back down 

Don’t give in

Don’t give up the struggle 

Don’t show the white flag
The opposite of Yield is RESIST.

Something very powerful happens when we allow fear to grip our hearts. It takes away our desire to hope, to dream, to believe in the impossible. It was not an automatic response from the disciples to know that he had authority over the storm. But they needed to live through it so they could KNOW. 
Storms bring out the authority of Jesus into your life. 

Fear wants to steal your breakthrough or delay your breakthrough. 

When we don’t YIELD to fear, our faith will grow. 

Hebrews 11:1 says “now faith brings our hopes into reality and becomes the foundation needed to acquire the things we long for. It’s the evidence required to prove what is still unseen”. What other things does God have in store for your life that you haven’t seen yet!!! Do you believe Him? Don’t YIELD to Fear! RESIST! 

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