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Living a life without the influence of fear 

Let’s be honest, fear is a very common reality in our lives. We let our emotions to dwell in fear whenever something becomes out of reach, or when we feel we are not in control of something or someone. If we forget our keys, we immediately allow fear to creep into our hearts and think “omg! Did I loose them?” Images of all kinds … Read More Living a life without the influence of fear 


My worth is not dependent on the amount of friends I have. My worth is not dependent on the eloquence of my words. Or how many people think I’m smart and funny. My worth is not dependent on my successes or failures, nor any public or private achievements. My worth is valued on the life of One Man. He, who gave it all for … Read More Untitled

Freedom from Fear

The disciples were petrified through the storm. Everything around them was saying that they were going to die. They did have one “small” advantage against the winds and the waves though. Jesus was on the boat. Right after Jesus puts the storm in its place, he asks this question to the disciples, “why are you fearful? Have you lost faith in me?” When we … Read More Freedom from Fear

The Good Samaritan 

Not many passed by the road where he was abandoned.It was all a blur, all he was trying to do was get home.  Thugs had found him during the journey, and not just stolen everything that would have been worth something, they also beat him to a pulp.  His thoughts were no longer to survive, but just to not breathe any more, and for … Read More The Good Samaritan 

Favor and Grace 

How would your life change if this morning, as you woke up, 2 huge angels stood right beside your bed? Big, strong, nothing can’t beat me angels. As you wake up they say “Good morning, ( your name)  your Father in heaven has allowed you see us, we are here to make your life easier. My name is Favor and his, is Grace. Whenever you need … Read More Favor and Grace 

The case towards individuality 

We are called to stand out, not to fit in. How many of us have a really hard time with this statement? Ok, let’s try it, close your eyes, and think of yourself in a classroom where 1000 students, all wearing white, and you alone are wearing black. How do you feel? Do you stay? Do you leave? Standing out is something that many … Read More The case towards individuality 

The Exit Strategy 

I see it around me all the time. A bride comes in with a big entourage, finds a particular dress that she absolutely loves, comes out of fitting room only to get a motionless response from her group. They don’t like it. Their response questions everything she felt for the dress, and against her own emotions, decides this gown is not the one for … Read More The Exit Strategy 

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